Safety and tranquility on vacation


You enter with the mask, the maitre Renzo will welcome you with the usual sympathy and will assign you the table: you will be served by our waiters with mask. The number of tables will have decreased , respecting the meter distance between one and the other .

  • BREAKFAST partly buffet style, assisted by the dining room staff (avoiding gathering) and for single-serving portions, wrapped; drinks served at the table, by the waiter (with mask)

  • LUNCH and DINNER for the moment, we will have to give up our amazing theme evening buffets, as well as the dessert buffet: everything will be served comfortably at the table. With the necessary precautions, we could also shortly return to the large buffet of appetizers and desserts as well as theme nights, aperitifs ...

  • Each family can have lunch and dinner together without safety distances, respecting the distance from the other guests (1 m. Provided without mask)

  • Availability to consume your lunches comfortably on the beach under your umbrella, using disposable plates and cutlery


We ensure daily cleaning and sanitization of the premises, contact surfaces, equipment and every device with products indicated by the legislation.

  • In the different areas of the hotel you will find sanitizing dispensers available.

  • Entry and exit routes will be provided, all access to all common areas will be regulated according to regional protocols to ensure the safety of all our guests. (mask on arrival, in the common areas, in the corridors, in the restaurant to reach your table, ...).

  • The rooms will be sanitized : cleaned and disinfected (on request also with ozone € 15).

  • The daily cleaning of the room will be carried out by personnel who come in with a mask, clean and disinfect the objects with disposable wipes, going out changing gloves and all the cleaning accessories.

  • The guest decides if he prefers to let the maid in for the daily cleaning of the room or to receive clean linen.

  • Always use a mask in the lift

  • Guarantee of exchange of natural air in all rooms for common use and the filters of the ventilation systems will be cleaned and disinfected systematically


  • Group activities are not currently allowed. (No mini club, no beach activities, only baby sytting or CHILD CARE: person who moves from one child to another to deliver stationery kits, reward the chores performed each from his own station, baby dance, animated songs ... ). Consolidated the good situation we could go back to the usual habits

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